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deviation in storage by twerkOmatic



June 2, 2013

Me and Feliciano have discovered that we have no more pasta this morning,
I thought perhaps, we had more in the supplies but I was wrong.
all that Italian eats is Pasta and other things, so we are going out to town today.
we already raided the convenient store that is next to this old house that we are using for
shelter but there is no more food there, so we will need to go farther into town.
we must go out in the daylight, when there are little zombies, but it doesn't matter
anyways, its a small town so I am not worried about the zombie issue much.
what worries me the most is Feli. he isn't exactly the... fighting type.
I asked him which weapon he prefers, he got out a white flag... 
I am just going to have to protect him the best I can... 

the world is ending, love,

"____~! hurry up~! we gotta go get the pasta!" the bubbily italian yelled, making me set 
down the diary I was writing in and look up at him.
I sighed.
"Feli, get some real clothes on! your too exposed, at least I'm wearing pants and a shirt" 
I said in a displeased tone.
Feliciano looked down at himself. he was wearing only boxers and a tanktop.
he nodded and then skipped off to go change as I sat in 'my' room.
I got up and grabbed the half-broken broom by my bedside and walked out of the
room that I slept in.
I walked past Feli's room and down the hall to the front door.
"____! wait for me~!" Feli said loudly as he raced to the front door.
you giggled a little at the Italians personality.
he was so happy and carefree even though the world is crumbling to peices...
and... I'm not so sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing.
"I'm waiting... do you have a weapon?" I asked as I grabbed a backpack off the counter.
the backpack was for later to gather all the stuff from the store.
"eh.." he took out a white flag.
I groaned, "Feli! ugh.. just.. if your not going to take a weapon, here" I gave the backpack
to Feliciano.
Feli grinned, "yay~! I get to carry the pasta on the way back~!" he said joyfully.
I rolled my eyes and clutched the half-broken broom and opened the front door, peaking outside
to make sure the coast was clear.
"its clear" I said in a hushed tone and walked out causiously.
"Pastaaa~!" the bubbly Italian squealed.
"Feliciano! shush~! there may be zombies!!" I said in a whisper yell.
Feli looked at me and nodded.
"good" I whispered, as I walked down the street causiously and swift.
Feliciano following behind started to complain.
"Feli!" I begged in a hushed voice, "I don't care if your feet hurt or that its too hot outside, just shush!"
But Feli actually was right about it being hot out. the sun was blazing, even I felt a little hot.
"can't I at least take off my shirt Ragazza? its too hot out!" He complained.
"eh sure" I said and continued walking, my eyes darting from one side to the other, making sure no
threat was in the premises.
Feli took off his shirt and tied it aound his waist.
finally we arrived at the grocery store, "alright Feli, I want you to be silent okay?" I asked him.
he only nodded with a stupid grin on his face.
"especially when we get to the pasta section, I don't know if there are any-" I began but was cut off
by the loud shot out the italian gave, "Pastaaa~!"
I frowned.
"geez ____, you act just like Ludwig~!" he said in a quieter tone.
Feli looked sad all of sudden and muttered something in Italian.
"what Feli?" I asked him.
"nothing..." he said in a low voice and he entered the store.
the automatic doors opened. 
I am shocked on how this place still has electricity... it must be running off of spare power.
I walked in and looked around.
this place was raided already, but it still has a lot of food.
"Feli" I said.
the Italian looked back at me, "Si?" he said.
"find anything you can, I'll be on lookout" I said.
he nodded and went down a random isle.
I stood there with the half-broken broom clutched in my left hand.
It was about a few minutes until....
"AHH!! RAGAZZA, SAVE ME!!!" I heard Feliciano scream in a high pitched voice.
my eyes widened and I ran to where I heard Feli's voice come from.
I stood there in shock as I watched the Italian.
he was on the floor.... 
with a kitty licking at his face.
"FELI!!" I yelled, not caring anymore if zombies might hear me.
"Help!!! the kitties is attacking me, ____!" he yelled.
"Feli!!!" i growled.
the kitty ran off and Italian stayed on the floor in tears.
i let out a sigh, "Feliciano.."
"Yes Ragazza?" he replied, looking up at me.
. . . I couldn't. . . I can't tell him to leave.
"n-nothing" I muttered, "just find some dumb pasta and lets get out of here"
He left his family AND his friends because he was afraid he'd slow them down.
I didn't want him to make him think he'll slow me down too, I mean, he is but
I care about the dude and I am not just gonna let him die in this now Zombie infested world.
"Si" he said, and got up off the floor.
after ten minutes, the backpack was full and we were ready to go.
"Yay~! I can't wait to go back to the shelter and eat some yummy pasta~!" Feli chimed.
I smiled a little as we made our way to the exit.
a light groaning sound made us both stop in our tracks.
we turned around to see a corpse, with no legs crawling towards us.
"GAH~! BELLA RAGAZZA SAVE ME!!" Feliciano yelled out as he clung to my left arm.
"Its dead Feli, and its a crawler, it can't do any harm to us, lets just leave" I stated.
he nodded and we began to walk out.
the groans of the half-starved crawler became louder.
Feli looked like he was about to burst into tears, all of a sudden, Feliciano grabbed
my half-broken broom out of my hands.
he ran up to the crawler and crushed its head with my weapon.
I gasped in shock and stared.
Feli wiped the sweat off his forehead and walked back towards me and handed me my weapon.
the walk back was silent, and mostly awkward.
it was still a hundred and something but Feli wasn't complaining so I started to worry.
once we got back to the house I stopped him at the door.
"Feli..." I said.
"Si, bella ragazza?" he said and turned around.
we both stood on the creaky porch for a minute until I spoke up.
"why did you do that?" I muttered.
"what did I do?" he asked and gave me the backpack that was now filled with supplies.
"kill that crawler... it wasn't gonna kill us" I said slowly.
he nodded with a grim look on his face, "Si.. but it was suffering, ___, it was a human before it
turned, it had a life... it would be inhumane of me to not let his suffering stop" Feliciano said in 
a serious tone, which really took me by shock.
"wow" I muttered.
"Si~!" he said, returning to his normal bubbly self as he skipped into the house.
I laughed a little and walked in after him, shutting the door, I placed the backpack onto of the table.
I quietly chuckled to myself.just then, I heard the radio come to life.
"huh?!" i said and looked towards the radio.
"what is that?" Feliciano said, coming into the room.
"the radio" I repled as I walked up to the radio I had set on the coffe table.
the radio was filled with static but there was a voice in the backround.
"oh my gosh!" I shouted, realizing that there were people on the radio.
"what?" feli said.
"PEOPLE!!" I shouted and grabbed the microphone for the radio.
"h- static-llo is -static- anyone there -static-?"
"YES!!" I practically screamed into the microphone that was conected to the radio.
"w-static- are your -static- cordinents?" the man on the radio asked.
"_____, a small town in the state of Florida" I said less loud, trying to calm myself.
"d- static- you need any -static- help?" he asked.
"Yes!! we are in an old house on 2nd street, how far are you from here?!" I said.
"no- static- far, a town over act-static- we'll come in the -static- morning" he repiled.
"YESSS!!!" I yelled.
I turned to Feliciano and gave him a hug in my excitment.
him being him he hugged back tightly, ruinning the moment.
I finally stopped hugging Feli and turned back to the radio.
"hello?" I called into the microphone.
static was all that emitted from the small radio.
"dammit" I muttered and turned the radio off.
"isn't this great bella ragazza?!" Feliciano asked, with happiness flooding his words.
I nodded and smiled.
"Yay~! I'll go make some pasta now to celebrate~!" hesaid as he grabbed the backpack and
ran into the kitchen.
I laughed out loud.
A silly Italian that made me smile AND a rescue?!
this has to be the second best thing thats happened to me since all hell broke loose a week ago!
the first best thing was meeting Feliciano. he is weak n the inside but strong at heart,
that's why I adore him so... i'll never tell that to him though.
Author- well, that was pretty good for being made in like, thirty minutes!
anyways, wow! you are being rescued AND you have Feli!
I wonder who that guy was on the radio....
nevermind! this was really fun to make by the way, I hope i'll make another one REALLY soon!! ^^

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